When making a claim against a solicitor it is important to identify as early as possible the key facts of the case. This will help you and your legal team to establish liability against the solicitor and identify the losses you wish to recover.

To assist you with this we have prepared a short 'Solicitors Negligence Claim Sheet'.

The Solicitors Negligence Claim Sheet is a handy aide memoir and will help you to marshal the key facts of the case so they can be presented in a way that will best support your claim.

If you are thinking about making a claim against a solicitor and would like us to provide an initial assessment on the legal merits of the case or its suitability for no win, no fee funding then please complete the claim sheet below and send it to us by post or email for review.

Every case is different, so please bear in mind that a 'one size fits all' claim sheet like this is merely a guide. Please feel free to add any additional information you think is relevant  to your case. And if you are not sure about what to put in a particular box then you can leave it blank and go on to the next section.

We are able are able to assist with making a claim against a solicitor on a No Win, No Fee basis, where the financial loss suffered as a direct result of the negligence exceeds £10,000, which is the current small claims court financial limit.

If you run into any difficulties when completing the form, please call our free legal helpline on 0808 139 1595.

Your details

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Contact Telephone Numbers


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Email address


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Your solicitor / barrister










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What area of law?


Do you have the following documents? Please attach if so

Personal Injury


Medical Negligence



Client Care Letter


Medical Reports (PI/ Med neg only)


Professional Negligence


Landlord & Tenant



Solicitor’s letter of advice


Form E (Matrimonial only)







Counsel’s Advice


Lease/Tenancy (L&T only)


Other (please specify)





Judgment / Consent order


Will(s) (Probate only)






Who has your solicitor’s original file?

You / Solicitor / Don’t know


Do you owe your solicitor any money?

Yes / No


Costs & Losses



How as your case funded?

Private / LA / CFA / DBA


How much did you pay your solicitor?


Did you have BTEI / ATEI?

Yes / No / Don’t know


How much did you pay the other side?









What is your financial loss?


Please explain:








Please attach documentation in support



When did the act of negligence occur?


When did you become aware of it?


How did you first find out about it?














Please attach documentation in support


The Claim


Please summarise what you original claim was about and why you believe you have a claim.  Continue on a separate sheet if needed.