Making a Negligence Claim Against an Accountant

We are regulary consulted by clients who have been let down by their accountant and who wish to recover the finacial losses that have arisen as a result.

These cases often involve tax returns that have been incorrectly completed, poor tax advice or errors in drafting accounts.

We act for both individuals and companies wishing to bring a negligence claim against an accountant.

Breach of an accountant's duty of care

Accountants owe a duty of care to their clients. In order to bring a negligence claim we must establish that the accountant has acted in breach of that duty.

The accountant will be held to be in breach of their duty of care if they fail to exercise the skill and care of a reasonably competent accountant.

In assessing whether the accountant’s duty of care has been breached we often look at accounting standards set by the profession’s governing bodies such as the Accounting Standards Board (ASB). The ASB issues accounting standards which apply to accountants throughout the UK and courts will take these accounting standards into consideration when considering an accountants negligence claim.

Assessing financial loss resulting from an accountant's negligence

The basic principles of professional negligence law also apply when assessing the financial loss resulting from an accountant's negligence. As always, causation is an important factor. It is not sufficient to prove that the accountant was negligent, a successful claimant must also show that financial loss has resulted directly from the accountant’s negligent act or omission.

In order to make a successful negligence claim against an accountant the claimant must establish a causative link between the negligence and the financial loss they have suffred.

Expert evidence and accountants negligence claims

Claims against accountants can often involve complex technical points of accountancy practice. It is therefore common for a report to be obtained from an independent expert. The expert will normally be another accountant who is qualified to comment on the actions of the negligent accountant. Experts are also frequently used to assit in calculating the financial losses that have arisen as a result of the accountant's negligence.

Accountants negligence Limitation Period

As with other areas of professional negligence law, limitation rules apply so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as you discover that you have been let down. The ususal limitation period is 6 years but important exceptions apply so specialist advice should be taken

No Win - No Fee and accountant negligence claims

We routinely undertake accountant negligence cases on a no win - no fee basis, subject to the losses exceeding the small claims court limit of £10,000 and the merits of the case being sufficiently strong. We are always happy to review cases and let you know whether it is a matter we can deal with on a no win - no fee basis.

A nationwide accountants negligence service

We deal with accountant negligence claims for claimants throughout England and Wales.

What documents will we need to see?

The most important documents in an accountant negligence case tend to be those contained in the accountant's file. If you do not already have the accountant's file we can arrange to obtain this for you.

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