We are committed supporters of mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in professional negligence claims.

Court based litigation is however relatively slow and can be very expensive. Mediation and ADR offer a cost effective alternative and we make a point in all professional negligence cases of inviting the other party to participate.

We have taken part in a number of very successful mediations in professional negligence claims where compensation running into seven figures has been recovered on behalf of our clients. We have found that mediation and ADR is especially suited to solicitors negligence cases. However, it also works well within surveyors negligence claims, valuers negligence claims and accountants negligence claims.

Courts and judges encourage parties to engage in mediation and ADR and can in fact impose costs penalties against those who refuse to take part. We therefore believe that ADR and mediation has an important role to play in professional negligence law.


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