Negligence Claims Against Financial Advisers

Making a financial adviser negligence claim

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Independent financial advisers (IFAs) and financial consultants owe a duty of care to act with a reasonable degree of skill and competence, having regard to the standards within the financial services sector and the statutory framework they operate within.

As with most other professional negligence claims, a financial adviser’s negligence is likely to be fact dependent. If, for instance, the negligence claim is based on an allegation of bad investment we will need to examine whether the financial product was the right one for you. What assurance did the IFA or financial consultant give you? Did they look at other suitable options or comparable products? Did the financial adviser consider your attitude to risk? All these questions are likely to be relevant to asking the question “Was the financial adviser negligent?”

Financial adviser negligence claims often call for a consideration of the regulator’s Code of Practice. The financial services’ regulators require financial advisers to abide by a Code of Practice that requires the IFA to give clear advice of fees and charges, for instance, or undertake a financial fact find.

Failure to comply with the Code could render the IFA negligent and liable to pay compensation for any losses incurred as a result.

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