Medical Negligence Claims

Making a Negligence Claim Against a Doctor

For guidance on making a negligence claim against a doctor or any other healthcare professional call our free helpline for a case assessment and details of no win, no fee funding.

Doctors can make mistakes just like any other professional person. However, unlike an accountant of a surveyor, when a doctor makes a mistake the effects can seriously damage your health.

Medical negligence

Making a medical negligence claim against a doctor falls within the sphere of medical negligence law.

Medical negligence is a highly specialised field. We have a team of lawyers who deal exclusively with medical negligence cases.

Medical negligence claims can involve:-

  • Incorrect medical treatment
  • Delays and errors in diagnosis
  • medical accidents
  • Pregnancy and childbirth injuries
  • Cancer cases

Claims against doctors, hospitals and other parties

In addition to claims against doctors, claims can be made against hospitals (NHS and private), dental practices, and private clinics.

No win, no fee funding

We have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for victims of medical negligence. We are therefore able to deal with these claims on a No Win – No Fee basis. This means you should not let worries about legal costs put you off seeking justice.

Free negligence helpline

We operate a free medical negligence helpline. Just call us on 0808 139 1595 for a free assessment of your medical negligence claim. If you prefer, you can send details of your case to us at [email protected]

Specialist websites

Because making a negligence claim against a doctor is a core feature of our legal practice we have created a separate website that contains more in depth information about the sort of work we carry out. Visit our specialist medical negligence website at for more information about making a medical negligence claim.

You can also visit for detailed information about medical negligence connected to child birth injury.