Negligence Claims Against Cosmetic Surgeons

Making a negligence claim against a cosmetic Surgeon

If you are looking for solicitors who are experienced in making a negligence claim against a cosmetic surgeon then contact us for a free case assessment and details of no win, no fee funding.

Specialist medical negligence lawyers

We have a team of lawyers who specialise in dealing with medical negligence claims, including claims against cosmetic surgeons and the clinics that employ them.

The growth of the cosmetic surgery in the private sector

Cosmetic surgery is continuing to grow, with more operations and procedures being carried out each year. Because the private sector accounts for an increasingly large share of the cosmetic surgery market this raises a number of important legal issues when negligence claims are considered. Issues such as jurisdiction, indemnity insurance and the solvency of clinics are often key considerations.

Experts in cosmetic surgery claims

We are highly experienced in dealing with cosmetic surgery negligence claims. In fact, we operate a specialist website dedicated to this particular area. You can access the site at

No Win – No Fee case funding

We deal with cosmetic surgery claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Free case assessment

We operate a Free legal helpline which you can call for a free case assessment.

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