Negligence Claims Against Vets

Making a Negligence Claim Against a Vet

If you have suffered financial losses in excess of £10,000 and need advice on making a negligence claim against a vet on a no win, no fee basis then call our free legal helpline.

At the moment the courts are unwilling to compensate people for the “sentimental” value of losing a beloved pet. Instead the courts concentrate on the economic loss that the owner has suffered. This creates a problem for many claimants as the pure financial loss involved in a veterinary negligence claim is often under £10,000, the current ‘small claims court’ threshold.

Because legal costs are not fully recoverable in the small claims court it is rarely economic for a solicitor to be instructed in these cases and no win, no fee funding is not available. Claimants can however pursue a claim themselves in the small claims court.

The financial loss incurred as a result of vet negligence can occasionally escalate way beyond the £10,000 limit. Valuable horses, pedigree dogs with breeding potential and animals requiring expensive veterinary treatment can all give rise to a vet negligence claim that fall outside the small claims court jurisdiction.

If you have suffered financial loss in excess of £10,000 and need help making a negligence claim against a vet you can call our free legal helpline on 0808 139 1595 for an assessment of your case. Alternatively you can email details of your vet negligence case to us at [email protected]

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free legal guidance on cases where the financial loss suffered as a result of the vet’s negligence is less than £10,000.