Funding For My Negligence Claim Against a Professional

Funding options for your Professional Negligence claim

Its important in any professional negligence claim to consider the issue of funding your legal costs at the outset.

Before you embark on making a professional negligence claim you need to know where you stand, not only with regard to your own legal costs but also your possible liability for your opponent’s costs.

Up to the point that court proceedings are commenced you only need to worry about your own costs. It is only once court proceedings are issued in a professional negligence claim that you can become liable for your opponent’s costs if you lose your case or have to discontinue the court action.

No Win – No Fee

We offer a range of funding options for professional negligence claims, our No Win, No Fee scheme is a particularly popular method as it substantially reduces the financial risk that claimants take. No Win – No Fee professional negligence claim funding usually takes the form of a CFA agreement but is only suitable for cases with a minimum value of £10,000.

Private funding

No Win – No Fee isn’t suitable in every case and some people prefer to pay on a private basis. We are always happy to discuss this option and can set an initial fee limit when investigating a case at the outset.

Legal Expenses Insurance

With both methods of funding we can usually arrange legal expenses insurance to cover you in the event that you are ordered to pay your opponent’s legal costs. Very often you will only have to pay the insurance premium at the end of the case and only if you win. However legal expenses insurance can be very expensive. The Government has ruled that the premiums can no longer be recovered from the losing party, so you need to factor the cost into your budget when considering whether the claim is economically viable.

We can also consider whether you already have the benefit of a legal expenses policy that might cover your claim. These policies are often included with other insurance products and we frequently find that people are unaware that they have cover.

Free Helpline

If you would like to discuss funding your professional negligence claim.or ask any questions about how No Win – No Fee works then give us a call on our free helpline 0808 139 1595 or email us at [email protected]

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