Can I sue my divorce solicitor?

Our professional negligence team are often asked, 'can I sue my divorce solicitor?' The simple answer is that a claim can be made against your divorce solicitor if they have made a fundamental error in the way they have handled your case, resulting in you suffering direct financial loss. In this article we look at some of the specific issues that arise when a negligence claim is made against a divorce solicitor.

Claiming compensation for stress and inconvenience

Is it worth all the stress? Claiming compensation for stress and inconvenience in a professional negligence case

Ask any professional negligence lawyer what their FAQs are and undoubtedly queries about stress and inconvenience will be high on that list. But under English law, can someone actually recover compensation for stress caused by the conduct of a negligent professional?

Can I sue a solicitor for negligence?

When we are asked, 'Can I sue a solicitor for negligence?' there are 5 important questions that need to be considered:

1. Has the solicitor been negligent?

2. Have you suffered financial loss?

3. Have you mitigated your loss?

4. Is the claim within the time limits?

5. Is it worth pursuing?

We will look at all these points below.

Can I claim compensation if my solicitor missed a limitation date?

Compensation Claims for Limitation Date Negligence

The limitation period is the length of time you have to issue a legal claim in court before the case becomes statute barred. For professional negligence claims for example, the basic period is six years from the date of the error. For most personal injury claims it is three years.