Solicitors' negligence: Can I sue my solicitor?

No Letter?  No Care? - Emma Slade is taken aback by a solicitor's suggestion that they didn't owe their client a legal duty of care and can't therefore be sued.

There aren’t many responses that a Defendant can make that cause me to do a double-take, but when I read a Letter of Response this week and saw what the Defendant was trying to argue, it made me blink.  Twice.

Dental negligence: The problem of wrong tooth extraction

The dental profession has for some time been committed to reducing the risks associated with dentistry, with an increased emphasis on improving patient safety.

Even with the most stringent safeguards in place, dental negligence is unlikely to ever be eliminated altogether. However dentists do recognise that relatively simple steps can be taken to materially reduce the risk of it recurring.

My dentist has made a mistake, what can I do?

Private and NHS patients alike are entitled to receive a good standard of treatment from their dentist.

Very occasionally however, mistakes are made and patients suffer as a result.

This includes cases where a dentist extracts the wrong tooth, causes nerve damage or incorrectly administers anaesthetic.

Dental mistakes occur during both routine treatment and more specialist procedures involving root canal surgery, wisdom teeth and dental implants.

Shorthold Tenancy & Solicitor's Negligence

Professional negligence solicitor, Emma Slade, warns again of the perils that lie in wait for solicitors who dabble in unfamiliar areas of the law.

When I had finished writing the last blog, I suddenly remembered a claim that I did quite a few years ago which was similar but different, if you know what I mean?

I will tell you a bit about the law first; get that out of the way, before getting on with the story.