Making a negligence claim for building defects

Making a building defects negligence claim

If you wish to make a negligence claim for buiding defects then it is important to identify as early as possible the key facts of the case that will help establish liability and the losses you wish to recover.

To assist you with this we have prepared a short 'Building Defects Claim Sheet'.

The claim sheet acts as a useful aide memoir and will assist you in marshalling the key facts so that they can be presented iin a way that will best support your case.

Solicitors negligence: What is a 'sophisticated client'?

Professional negligence solicitor Emma Slade looks at the concept of the 'sophisticated client' in this latest edition of her popular blog.

I have recently been told by my opponents in two separate cases that we have 'sophisticated clients'.

While this may sound like a rather generous compliment, sadly, they have an ulterior motive and it is all because of Mrs Minkin.

Surveyor made a mistake? How we can help you.

My surveyor has made a mistake, what can I do?

Surveyors, just like any other professional, make mistakes. Sometimes the surveyor's mistake can have far reaching consequences for their client and result in substantial financial loss. When this occurs you will need to think about making a legal claim for compensation. The aim of compensation is to cover the finanacial losses you have incurred as a direct result of the surveyor's mistake. This may reflect the degree to which a property's value has been diminished by the mistake or the cost of remedial works.

Limitation: tax avoidance scheme professional negligence claims

Don't delay in bringing a tax avoidance scheme professional negligence claim, says solicitor David Paull

Following the flurry of media interest in the wake of the Paradise Papers, HMRC has responded by cracking down on so called tax avoidance schemes.

It remains the case that tax evasion is illegal whereas tax avoidance is not. However the line between the two is often blurred and can change from one day to the next depending on the interpretation of HMRC and the Courts.